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Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Iraq’s electricity capacity reaches 10,000 MW


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AIN , 20 June 2013

Iraq’s electricity capacity reaches 10,000 MW

The Ministry of Electricity announced that the production capacity for energy or electricity has reached around 10,000 MW, which is pointed as the highest production after the foundation of National Electricity System.

Musab al-Mudaris, the official spokesperson for the ministry of electricity of Iraq, stated that electricity system achieved 2,500 MW compared to last year during the same season and 6,500 MW more than the electricity capacity during summer 2003.

His statement also illustrated, "Baghdad is being provided with electricity power about 15 to 16 hours daily while Kirkuk and Maysan are being equipped by electricity power all day long and meanwhile Basra, Dhi-Qar and Nineveh receives electricity power 16 hours daily and the rest of provinces are being equipped with electricity power rate of 16-20 hours daily.''
19 June

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Energy Iraq Erbil


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